First European Health Prevention Day a Great Success


The first European Health Prevention Day took place on 23 and 24 November 2017 at the IHK in Wiesbaden. More than 80 participants from 20 countries met to discuss different topics of medical wellness, prevention, treatment and health in the context of health politics and health tourism. The conference was organized in light of the development of a European market in the health sector: People are increasingly spending their health-related stays abroad, most of them privately financed. In part, the costs may also be covered by health insurance according to regulations. Still, the EU has hardly any regulatory power in this area and the transnational comparability of services is not ensured. For this reason, topics concerning health prevention were discussed from a national and international perspective at the European Health Prevention Day. The conference brought together for the first time experts from all relevant sectors, including social security and pensions, tour operators, providers and associations.



Joachim Lieber, chairman of the organizing “Quality in Health Prevention e.V.”, was delighted with the results of the conference and the commitment of the participants. “With the first European Health Prevention Day, we have laid the foundation for the cooperation of all relevant parties in health tourism and health prevention. Only with well-founded interaction and international cooperation will we be able to build a strong basis that guarantees high standards of quality in health prevention. This year’s conference was an important step towards that goal.”